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Abandoned Brides and Grooms

According to The Province newspaper, number of the victims through out India is 30,000 out of which 15000 are in the Punjab alone. The parents of victims, in most of the cases, have spent a lot of money, much beyond their means to marry their daughters or sons to greedy NRI grooms and brides with the hope that the nuptial would pave a way for others of the family to immigrate to Canada. The craze to come to Canada and other countries of the world paralyses their thinking and in haste they don’t even bother to enquire the antecedents of their prospective son-in-laws or daughter-in-laws. Virtually the weddings have become an immigration deal.

If you were abandoned by your NRI spouse ( husband or wife ), please give us the detailed information. We will deal with your case  so that justice is done to you.

Canadian Marriage  Fraud Victims’ Society is a registered non-profit volunteer organization . This is the only society throughout the world, which is struggling to get justice for the victims of marriage frauds. It is non political. Repose your trust in us.

Please provide us the following information by fax or email. The sooner you provide us the information the better.

Your name:



E mail address:

Date of your marriage :

Country of your  NRI spouse ( husband or wife ):

Date when your spouse left India :

Did he or she communicate with you after leaving?

Did he or she sponsor you?

Name of your NRI spouse :

Address of your NRI spouse :


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