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After reaching Canada, there is an increased tendency among brides and grooms to abandon each other fraudulently. Because of breaking this sacred relationship the lives of thousands of victims, both boys and girls, have been ruined. Their condition is very pitiable. Socially and religiously we‘ve shamefully degraded ourselves. Keeping in view, all these, the society came into existence.

Canadian Marriage Fraud Victims’ Society is a registered nonprofit organization. It was formed under the guidance of Mr. Krishan Bector who also felt touched by miserable plight of abandoned brides highlighted in a series of articles appeared in the Province from Oct 16 to 20,in 2005. He involved Mr. Palwinder Singh Gill who has passed Immigration Practitioner’s Course from the University of British Columbia, and as such has a lot of experience in dealing with immigration related cases. Having worked with Canada’s largest Immigration Law firm: Green and Spiegel Law Corporation, he also has an access to the expert guidance of Ex. Visa officer and Immigration lawyer, Mr. James Gill. Mr. Palwinder Singh Gill has vowed to eradicate, marriage -based willful trend of victimization; till that time he has got his license cancelled on his own.


Its purpose is to save the families from breaking away and to bring the fraudulent and cheats to justice. It is our objective that we should make all possible efforts that in future no one’s dear daughters or sons have to shed tears and their parents should not be compelled to suffer during their old age. We can achieve this target only if there would be a change in the Canadian Immigration Law. Spousal Visa should be a conditional Visa, similar to as it is in USAUK, (Read chapter 16- Family  ReunionNew ZealandAustraliaNorwaySweden ,Denmark and Finland European Union, Etc. All these countries have two to seven years’ condition on spousal visa.

It is our aim that in future no one should be a victim of sham marriage. No one should go in depression, and no one should be a burden on Canadian Health System. Depression impairs the productivity not only of victim but his/her parents, family members as well. What would be Canada’s economic gain if by accepting one fraudulent immigrant we lose the productivity of dozens , perhaps nothing.


To provide Canada wide service, Mr. Palwinder Gill and Mrs. Baljinder Sanghera traveled to Toronto to participate in the Nagar Kirtans on April 23 and 30. 2006 and to strengthen the petition. As many as 20,000people signed the petition and media interviewed them.

We are helping victims to send their complaints to various law enforcement agencies of Canada like Immigration Department, Immigration Minster CBSA Etc. We also wrote letter to Prime Minister of Canada Honorable Mr. Stephen Harper and leaders of various political parties of Canada. We also give counseling to the victims to help them get out of their prolonged depression.

We also wrote letter to Minister of Indian Overseas affairs Mr. Vayalar Ravi,Minister Overseas Indian Affairs ,Government of India and Mr. Askok Kumar, Consul General of India, Vancouver.

To create awareness among the people we’re also sending messages to various communities through print and electronic media, by writing articles and conducting Radio Talk Shows throughout Canada.




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