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Marriage is a sanctified bond between husband and wife. The exchange of wedding vows between bride and groom form a firm foundation for their life-long union. Since family is the smallest social unit as such cordial relationship between husband and wife is very conducive to peaceful social set up and healthy upbringing of the children. Once this relationship breaks it creates many problems in the society. In recent times, however, due to a large number of wedding betrayals and marriage frauds, it has become a very complex social issue which has caught the attention of political thinkers, sociologists and economists. Unfortunately nothing concrete has been done so far to address this problem. Under  these  circumstances,  we,  who are intensely touched with remorse on hearing shocking stories of the victims of marriage frauds, created a society which delves into the root causes of these marriage break ups, of course  with a an ulterior motive but also  provide a  recourse  to the victims  where  they can go to find help, guidance , relief  and guidelines  as to  what they should do under the circumstances.

Magnitude of the issue

When we talk of victims we think of the aggressor both grooms or brides who have victimized their spouses, here in Canada or there in India. In the month of October 2005, some journalists of The Province news paper went to India, interviewed victims and published their pathetic stories. According to them the number of victims through out India is 30,000 out of which15000 are in the Punjab alone. The parents of victims, in most of the cases, have spent a lot of money, much beyond their means to marry their daughters to greedy grooms from Canada with the hope that the nuptial would pave a way for others of the family to immigrate to Canada. The craze to come to Canada paralyses their thinking and in haste they don’t even bother to enquire the antecedents of their prospective son-in laws. Virtually the weddings have become an immigration deal. Brides betraying their grooms is no exception, though the other scenario is more pronounced.


In an unabated form the practice is continuing, consequently we witness our social life in shreds.  In broken families the children the children broken families, are at the mercy of the judges who may give the custody to mother or father, but certainly not to both of them because as a result of divorce the family is not living together. Our smallest social unit is the family and in most of the cases the old parents are a part of the family. Where should they go, is not answered under the broken family set up.  This is against the basic instinct of giving children the parental affection. They are deprived of that. What type of children they would become is not difficult to answer. They may retaliate in one way or the other. Drug addicts, vagabonds, vandals ex traders are usually the product of such deprivation. (Antisocial)


As quickest way of immigration is based on the marriage, the marriage which is intended to be life long partnership between husband and wife is defeated. The basis of marriage is other than a sacred yoke. Even those who are well educated and can comfortably qualify under the skilled workers’ category; calculate that since immigration is very easy, definite, and quickest way they marry, without having the slightest inkling that this is going to be a leap in the dark. Such weddings end up
in divorces .

Legal Aspect.

There is no legislation that protects Canadian Sponsor. After landing of the couple based on marriage. The sponsor is liable for three years for providing food, shelter and clothing and other medical expenses of immigrant. Such immigrants may go on welfare the sponsor emotionally and financially beaks down. Those who break away are in fact aggressors get the legal protection. The society would bring such implication of the present legal system to the legislators and political leaders.

Usually prospective visitors are denied visitor vista because the visa officer feels that their intention is to stay in Canada and they are mot genuine visitors. On the contrary the intention of the immigrant spouses have proved beyond doubt their mal intention.  Once they enter Canada, their fraud which is a manifested form of their intention is safe in the eyes of immigration department. There is no coordination between the immigration department and the police.  Where should the complaint be sent or to whom. The grievance be filed is not clear. In most of the cases, if the sponsors take up the case he/she is invariably implicated by the spouse in most of the cases the sponsor bears the brunt or charged.

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