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Please read following Terms and Conditions, before submitting the information.

I *  authorize "Canadian Marriage Fraud Victim's society" and/or any of its member and web site and/or it owner/publisher/administrator to share the information provided by me to the followings.
Citizen and Immigration Canada
Case Processing Centers
Overseas Mission (In your back home country)
Various Law Enforcement agencies (In your back home country)


Marriage Fraud FIR. ( First information Report)
(Please provide as much as information you can.)
1-Your run away spouse’s A) Name and B) Date of birth, Contry, State and Distt: is very important.)
2-Please tell us the country of you Run Away spouse: (///// Drag Down Option here///////)
3-You must provide us, your email and phone no. So that we should be able to contact you to verify the information.
4-Your name would not be disclosed to any one other than mentioned in the terms and conditions, without your permission.
5. You must fill both Part A and Part B.


Part A
Why your spouse left you?

Your information (Information Of Canadian /Sponsor Spouse – (Canadian Sponsor’s Information
Your Name : *
Phone No : *
Email: *
Date of Marriage :
Your Address : (If you want to give us)
Country of origin *
Your State in your home Country: *
Your District in your home Country: *
When did he/she come to Canada? *
When did She/he leave you?*
Information Of your Spouse (Spouse who Run Away)
Your spouse’s Name : *

Your spouse’s Date Of Birth:*

Your spouse’s Phone No :
Your spouse’s Address: In India OR Canada.
Your spouse’s State in his/her Country:
Country of origin

Part B
You must inform your MP
Did you inform your MP ? Yes/No
Name of Your MP
Party of Your MP Party of Your MP
( Lib-Cons-NDP-Green- Quebec )  
Constituency of Your MP
Phone No. of Your MP
Did your MP wrote any letter to Immigration Canada or any other concerned authority ? Yes/No
If yes please provide us Dispatch no. or copy of that letter
What was the response of your MP (Describe in detail )
Other information you want to share with us:
Thanks for sharing information with us. We will contact you as soon as we could.
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